And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

St. John's recently purchased a small lot adjacent to church property. It came with a couple of derelict buildings. The plan is to use the property for more off-street parking.

Junior Warden Dana Jackson had people in to salvage as much as possible prior to demolition: wood, doors, hardware, windows, bricks, etc. Some parishioners even dug up daffodils, naked ladies, and grape hyacinths from the yard.

On Friday, Paul Hettenbach, an artist with a backhoe, skillfully cleared the property while keeping all the debris inside the confines of the narrow lot. His equipment looked more than a little like Tyrannosaurus Rex as it bit into the building, leveling the garage, house, and tree stumps in only a few hours. The eyesore buildings are gone and Abilene looks a little nicer today.